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I had my second massage thismorning with Nicky and I can highly recommend her. Warm, friendly welcome and a lovely calm environment for my massage which absolutely eased tension, relaxed muscles and really worked on some knots. Thank-you.

Natalie Rankin

Wonderful healing session with Nicky yesterday . First time for me.. very positive experience will be going again.

Marcia Relf 


Thank you for an amazing massage today! I felt so comfortable and calm — you were so welcoming and supportive.

Pip Hunt


Great massage, felt very relaxed, great price, would travel down from London to use Nicky again.

Thomas Rainbird

Had a lovely relaxing full body massage. Lovely relaxing music and Nicky was always making sure I was comfortable. Will go again in the future. Thanks Nicky.

Andy Crouch


Fantastic whole body massage. Just what I needed. 

Jo White

A fabulous experience... Beautifully explained and professionally delivered in a relaxing environment. Thank you.

Matthew Hill

I had an absolutely beautiful treatment from Nicky this morning, it was incredibly relaxing thank you ever so much. 

Rachel Fielder

I used to have massages regularly and having moved house I just never got round to having them again. Until this last Friday, WOW, springs to mind a most relaxing 75 minutes for a very long time. Nicky has what it takes, and a charming lovely lady as well. The next day I really was re energized- in fact I went a bit crazy, up with the larks and started cleaning out my X rental house all ready to put up for sale. It has been a seriously stressful time of late, but now I feel so much more calm and overall just better. So booked in next week to continue my new relaxed and energized journey. Nicky really is gifted. Don’t put it off like I did, book up and just reap the benefits like I have. Thank you Nicky, a true find.

Pandora Beresford

I highly recommend Nicky. I had my first full body massage with her this morning and feel great. Nicky is gentle, professional, considerate and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Abigail Deeks

Wow what an amazing massage. My back and shoulders were gently popping within minutes of the massage starting. It has released so much tension in my back and shoulders. & what a lovely lady Nicky is...

Had pranic healing before my last massage . An amazing experience, felt almost like gentle tugging where my pain was, like it was releasing the pain. With my eyes closed I saw different colours and was so relaxed afterwards. Even after meditating for an hour or too, I'm not that relaxed. The massage after was fantastic as usual and the awful pain I've been suffering for a couple of weeks has reduced dramatically. Thanks Nicky x

Kym Crow





My husband and brother in law were both treated to an hour massage today as a treat from their kids for Father’s Day ! Both extremely happy with their massage and felt very comfortable and totally relaxed with Nicky ! Both now saying they’ll need to treat themselves a little more often and go back for more pampering !!

Beverley Logan

First when you go you don't know what to expect but as time goes you grow to trust Nicky in what she does so I would recommend to every child. 
Liberty Evans - Age 9

Really good massage, nice and warm, very calming.
Mark Hemsley 

Known Nicki for over a year she is a professional therapist who knows her stuff. lovely atmosphere, Covid safe and worth every penny.

Sandra Baker

I have had back and shoulder aches and pains for years. I've had physio but never tried massage before. I went to see Nicky as I was struggling to even get my socks on some mornings. Finally had a decent night's sleep and woke up pain free. Highly recommended.

Alan Bates

Nicky is so lovely and welcoming that you feel at ease when you arrive. Nicky is very professional with all the current Covid procedures in place making you feel safe.

The full body massage was soo relaxing Nicky found the areas of tension and helped reduce them with no pain. I come away in a great relaxed mind state and body feels re-energised.

I would recommend Nicky to all my friends and family, during this time it's so needed.

Thank you Nicky, I will be booking again soon x

Eugenie Demeza

I first visited Nicky with lower back pain caused by muscle tension and she's done a wonderful job of alleviating it. Would definitely recommend.

Stephen Foster 

Nicky is fabulous at what she does. Twice now I've gone right off to sleep. Even started snoring once but she didn't bat an eyelid. Totally professional.         

Olive Ellis

This was my first massage with Nicky and came about as an emergency as I was moving house and my shoulder has other ideas so was looking like a disaster but Nicky saved the day brilliant service.

Antony Somerset

Nicky sorted out my frozen shoulder in a single session. I'd been in absolute agony all week and after one 45 minute session with her magic hands, I could sit in a chair without pain again. If you have a muscle injury, she will sort you right out.

Paul Nardell

Nicky gives a very good soothing massage, feel very relaxed afterwards, and is professional and friendly.

Sarah Harris

Very professional but also super friendly, felt very comfortable throughout. Lovely room and beautiful set up/music etc. Brilliant value! Worth every penny for me. Will be booking monthly!

Michelle Turner

As a new mum I knew my back would suffer, but I wasn't aware by how much.  After one session with Nicky I felt like a new person, by far the best best best massage I've ever had.  Recommend without hesitation.

Sarah Ellis

Fantastically  relaxing & very professional...Highly recommend the all over body for 70 minutes of peace & pampering..Great price for time to yourself or a loved one.

Louise Dyer

Nicky is a fantastic masseuse. I regularly have a full body massage and I really enjoy the hand and head massages. So relaxing . She is very good at getting rid of hard knots too! I will not go to anyone else now. Thank you Nicky x

Lucy Thomas

Nicky is a great therapist... Professional ......but you still feel relaxed with her..... Lovely treatment.

Louise Coleman

Another amazing massage with Nicky today. So many times I arrive in agony,and I  leave pain free and relaxed. Thank-you so much.

Christine Swain

Fantastic massage and very professional. Would highly recommend.

Kate Martin

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