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Body Massage

Also known as Classical Massage, Swedish Massage and Holistic Massage.  A treatment incorporates a range of techniques to ease tension, relax muscles, reduce/remove knots and soothe the mind, body and soul.

  30 Minutes £20.00

   60 Minutes £40.00 

  90 Minutes £60.00

Pranic Healing 

A form of energy healing that can be used for relaxation and / or to treat various symptoms.  This therapy is completely non touch and you remain fully clothed throughout.

30 Minutes £20.00

Longer sessions available on request.

Combined Massage / Pranic Healing 

Combine a massage with Pranic healing to induce a deep state of relaxation and remove energy blockages.  

30 Mins Pranic healing followed by a 30 min massage  £40.00 

30 Mins Pranic healing followed by a 60 minute full body massage £60.00


No hands Massage 

A flowing restorative treatment using mainly the forearms to work gently but deeply into the muscles.

Based on an ancient Hawaiian tradition used as a healing practice, this style of massage has been adapted from it's original method so that it can be practised in this part of the world.  It is excellent for removing energy blockages and educing a deep state of calm.

60 Minutes £50.00 

Children's massage 

A relaxing treatment for children from 6 years old.  Using light techniques to ease both body and mind, educing a state of calm. 

30 Minutes £20.00 

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