Covid 19 information

As of 13th July 2020 the government has issued guidelines that means hands on therapies can now commence.  However, there are a number of changes and rules that must be adhered to by all clients.

All clients will now have to complete a new medical questionnaire that includes Covid 19 related questions.  This is to be completed on your first visit (even if you have been to me previously), and any further visits will require you to complete a separate Covid 19 form.

Upon entering the house you will be asked to remove your shoes, there will be a chair provided if you need to sit down to do this.  You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided, this is compulsory.  After an initial consultation I will take you to the treatment room where you will be shown where to put your clothes and belongings.

In order to keep the room ventilated I will be keeping the window open during all treatments, the curtains will be drawn for your privacy but please bear in mind that I can't do anything about any noise coming from outside. Your safety is my priority, if you wish to block out any outside noise you may bring ear plugs with you to wear during the treatment.

All touch areas around the house will be cleaned before and after all treatments, including door handles, light switches, hand rail etc.  All towels or covers used will be washed immediately after treatments.  The head rest will be covered with a disposable cover, this will be disposed of immediately after each treatment and the head rest cleaned thoroughly.  The massage couch will be cleaned after every client.

I will be wearing a visor at all times, please contact me for further information regarding face masks.

I will wash my hands thoroughly before and after treatments.

Please also note the following points:-

  • Please shower before you come to your appointment if possible.

  • We have 2 Cats, you are unlikely to see them but if you do please do not touch them.

  • The bathroom will not be available unless you have a medical condition or feel unwell during a treatment.

  • I will not be providing drinks so please bring a bottle of water with you.

  • You must sanitize your hands upon entry to the house and again before you leave.

  • Payments are to be made in advance online where possible.  If you are unable to do this I will accept cash for the correct amount.  

  • Please do not bring anything into the house that you do not need to, for example bags of shopping.

  • I cannot allow anyone to wait for you in the house, including children.

  • Full body treatments available from the 1st of August 2020 at a reduced time of 60 minutes.

  • Please do not linger for longer than you need to, the treatment time has been reduced in order to keep the amount of time I am in close proximity to you to a minimum, and to reduce the amount of time clients are in the house overall.

  • I cannot allow clients to bring their own towels or oils.

  • A QR code is available for you to scan if you wish, this is not compulsory.


I have completed the following courses in relation to Covid 19:-

  • Hand Hygiene (World Health Organisation)

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus Covid 19 (World Health Organisation)

  • Covid 19 Awareness course (IPHM - Holistic Accreditation Board)

  • Preparing to return to work in a Covid 19 world (Think Tree Education)

  • Covid 19 Certification (Gateway Workshops)

I realise this is a lot of information, if you have any questions please use the enquiry form and send me a message.  You can also find me on Facebook where you can send me a direct message from my page, just click on the icon below.

Thank-you for reading, I look forwards to seeing you soon! 

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